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appetizers, side dishes, Spaghetti sauces
appetizers, side dishes, Spaghetti sauces

Made In Sicilia 100% Italian Products


On the slopes of ETNA, where the soil is frequently fertilized by volcanic dusts and agricultural crops are caressed by the sea breeze rich in iodine; there is a rich culinary tradition passed down through generations of unique flavours and aromas. Enriched by the Bourbon, Norman and Arab influences, who introduced crops such as oranges, lemons, apricots, artichokes, pistachio and eggplants; the traditional Sicilian cuisine became a mixer of flavours and fragrances with unique characteristics all over the world.

Made in Sicilia is a company that for many years manufactures and markets artisanal Italian specialty and trade typical sicilian wines.

Our products are prepared by professional chefs who make their specialties with care and passion to give you the chance to taste unique flavors and traditional recipes everywhere in the world.

We are also convinced that a food specialty of excellence, besides being very good, must not contain harmful elements to human health and must be ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. This is the reason why we always pay attention to our gastronomic craft's ingredients so we never use PRESERVATIES, DYES, CHEMICAL ADDITIVIES, PALM OIL OR ANIMAL FATS. But in spite of everything ,it didn't still seem us enough, for this reason more than 10 years ago we decided to REMOVE SALT from them. In short, we were the first of the world realizing the first line of


They don't contain preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fats but also they are free of added salt. We were able to realize all this, using exclusively selected ingredients of the highest quality. In fact, their flavours and their aromas don't require animal fat or added salt to improve the flavour. It is only necessary the salt that they naturally contain to prepare tasty and delicious specialties. The raw materials we use come exclusively from the Etna area. They are harvested and processed the same day to maintain exceptional organoleptic properties and unique flavors. We are specialized in the production of:

  • Appetizers and side dishes.
  • Spreadable creams for bruschetta and pizzas.
  • Traditional pasta sauces.
  • Condiments for risotto.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Typical Sicilian wines.
Available in jars from: 190g; 290g; 950g; 2,850g. On order, you can request additional formats.


Sicilian Products


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