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Production of gastronomic specialities without preservatives

appetizers, side dishes, Spaghetti sauces

Italian Appetizers and side dishes

we produce italian appetizers, side dishes, garlic breads, caponata, eggplants and artichokes with olive oil.

Italian appetizers has been one of the most appreciated protagonists of Italian tradition since always. Our appetizers and side dishes are realized with typical Italian products and more specifically Sicilian products. We sell appetizers, side dishes, finger food, sauces and condiments for pasta or rice, for garlic breads, eggplants and artichokes preserved in oil, mushroom and olive creams. All these products are hundred per cent Italian and eco friendly.

eggplant, Caponata

Caponata for sale

Caponata, pasta with tomato sauce, aubergines and ricotta, parmigiana of eggplants.

In the south of Italy, Sicily with Etna volcano. The favourable condition of the climate helps the birth of several products appreciated all over the world. The Sicilian cuisine has its roots in the popular tradition, based particularly on many typical ingredients such as: eggplants, tomatoes, basil which are the undisputed elements of the caponata.
These ingredients are in other typical products such as sauce for pasta alla norma and the parmigiana of eggplants. They create a mixer of perfumes, colours and flavours that remind the suggestions of a wonderful land.


Sicilian Products


100% Olive Oil